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You'll LEARN:

  • How To Make More & More Strategic & Comprehensive Monetization From Each & Every Speaking Event With REAL Revenue Results, Leveraging The "ESP" (NO, It's NOT Mind Reading) Principles for Ongoing - OnGROWING Profits!
  • The Result-Getting, 3 Step Process For Quickly & Effectively Connect, Communicate & Convert Like Crazy! - THIS Alone Is Real MAGIC!
  • At Least 33 Proven Ways To Get Highly Profitable Speaking Engagements Fast, Fun, Free & EZ-PZ and Fill Your Speaking Calendar With Events On Command & Demand!
  • How To PACK & PARTNER Your Events With The Right People Generating Massive Profits That Produce Incredible Influence, Impact & Income (For Everyone!) Before, During & After Your Super Successful VIP Events!
  • The VIP Key To THE Single Most Irresistible, Invaluable, "Can't Say No" Irresponsible Offer and Opportunity To Getting A Flood of Speaking Events Any Time YOU Want!
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  • The Exacting, Step-By-Step, ABC, 123, Move-By-Move, Money Making Marketing MAGIC Methods We Use & Used To Generate Well In Excess of $20,000,000.00 For Global Charitable Cause Groups, Educational Initiatives, Faith Based Foundations, Local Business Leaders and Non-Profit Organization World-Wide! - This Ain't No Joke Y'all... Only REAL DEAL RESULTS! (Members Have Paid Up To $20,000 For THIS All By Itself and Super Happy With The Investment!)
  • VIP Total Speaker Success, MEMBERS ONLY, (Very Exclusive & Intimate) Closed Door Family of Like-Minded Professionals For Additional PRIVATE Community Discussion, Networking In Your PRIVATE Facebook Group! ($47 Month for 12 Months... That's Almost $600.00)

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What Makes ALL The Difference...

First, Foremost and Always... "Never Leave The Site Of A Human Interaction Without Creating VALUE!" - If Your Chief Aim and Prime Directive In Life Is To Simply HELP People Get What They Want, Need Desire & Deserve You Will Get More Than What You Need.

Add VALUE That Generates IMPACT and Then We ALL PROFIT!

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